Top 5 Eye Care Tips for Winter

Winter Eye Care Tips

The dry winter weather can cause problems for a sensitive body. Your skin gets dry, your hands and feet are constantly cold, and your eyes get teary. The harsh weather can lead to vision problems. Constant exposure to dry winter winds can cause dry and itchy eyes.

While we cannot avoid winters and the eye problems the weather causes, we can care for our eyes to give them the maximum comfort needed. Let us look at the top 5 eye care tips during winter.

5 Winter Eye Care Tips

#1 – Wear Sunglasses with UV Protection

It is often a misconception that we should wear sunglasses in summer to protect our eyes against harmful UV rays. But regardless of the seasons and temperature, UV rays can cause harm to the eyes during winter. Hence to maintain eye health during winter, wear sunglasses with UV protection while walking or driving.

#2 – Protection from Dry Eyes

The windy weather can cause eye dryness in winter. The use of excessive heaters at home can aggravate the eye condition further. It can lead to eye redness, watery eyes, and itchiness – common symptoms of dry eyes.

To avoid dry eyes in winter, keep yourself hydrated and away from direct heat sources. You can use a humidifier or dry eye drops to keep your eyes moist. Thealoz® Duo eye drops are 100% preservative-free and suitable for all dry eye sufferers, including contact lens wearers. They combine long-lasting relief and protection for the surface of the eyes and are clinically proven to treat dry eye symptoms.

#3 – Keep Eyes Clean

Keeping your eyes clean is one of the most commonly forgotten hygiene habits. It gets even more challenging during winter. Washing your hands and face thoroughly before going to bed is the best way to care for your eyes. 

Uncleanliness can cause eye infections and lead to severe eye issues. You should also ensure not to use someone else’s makeup products on your eyes as it can lead to conjunctivitis and other vision problems.

#4 – Add Omega-3 Fatty Acid to Diet

In addition to being good for overall health, the omega-3 fatty acid is particularly effective in maintaining eye health. You can include multivitamin supplements in your daily diet with omega-3 fatty acids as one of the nutrients. 

Nutrof® Total is Europe’s No 1 Eye Health multivitamin. Each one of its capsules contains pure Omega‑3 fatty acids, zinc, copper, resveratrol and invaluable vitamins such as C, D3 and E. It is a premium-comprehensive formula which is developed to help you make sure your eyes have the correct nutritional intake and help you maintain healthy eyes and vision.

#5 – Use Warm Compress to Soothe Eyes

Since dry eyes are common during winter, you can always use a warm compress to soothe your eyes. Doing so helps reinstate the moisture in your eyes and maintain eye health. It also helps relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, like eye redness and itchiness. 

You can use our Blepha® Eyebag, a reusable warming eye mask for rapid and long-lasting relief of dry, tired and sore eyes. It also relieves the symptoms of other related eye conditions such as styes and chalazion

Your eye will thank you for following these quintessential eye care tips during winter.