How Should Designers Maintain Eye Health?

Designer Eye Health

You might have many graphic design tools at your disposal, but taking some time away from the screen is equally essential. Continuous exposure to screens can cause harm to your eyes.

Although designers have to be focused on their computer screens when working, it is well-known that people in the creative industry tend to suffer from eye conditions because of what they love to do. It is all about the involvement in the job for any person in the creative industry. But during this period, they are unaware of the time passing, hunger, or awkward sitting positions that can impact their health. 

Poor posture when using computer screens for an extended time can cause digital eye strain, leading to dry, irritated eyes and blurry vision, along with other health issues. However, if you are a designer, there are ways you can maintain your eye health while working on screens all day. 

Causes of Eye Strain for Designers

Following are a few causes of eye strain for designers and creative people in the industry.

  • Eyes get tired from staring at one thing for a long time. Thus, for every 20 minutes that you look at your screen, look away from it for 20 seconds, at an object that is 20 feet away. This is called the 20-20-20 rule. 
  • Designers tend to work with bright screens, causing a harsh impact on the eyes. Keep the contrast of your screen in line with your surroundings and avoid working on a bright screen in a dimly lit room. 
  • Continuous and extended use of screens can cause severe headaches and vision impairment, so try to take regular breaks. 
  • The distance between you and the monitor is too short, which leads to eye strain. Thus, ensure that the computer screens are at least one arm’s distance from you.
  • Ensure that the screens are not too small to work on, as it would put more strain on your vision.
  • Low humidity in the air around can lead to dry eyes
  • Not drinking enough water or not eating enough green vegetables and fruits (containing Vitamin A) can cause vision problems so make sure you maintain a healthy diet and a good intake of fluids. 

Tips to Maintain Eye Health for Designers

Here are a few tips that designers can follow:

  • It is best to have your workspace designed in a way to make sure there is sufficient lighting around. Moreover, ensure that there is no reflective glare on the screen while you are working.
  • You can also rely on technology to help you here. Many monitors come with an auto-adjusting screen brightness feature that adjusts the screen light based on the amount of light in the room.
  • To avoid dry eyes caused due to low humidity, use a humidifier to ensure the air humidity levels are correct.
  • Use blue light-blocking glasses, mainly with a transparent lens, to protect your eyes from harmful screen light.
  • Include multivitamin intake in your daily diet, such as Nutrof® Total. It is Europe’s No 1 Eye Health multivitamin, with a premium formula that is developed to help you make sure your eyes have the correct nutritional intake and help you maintain healthy eyes and vision.

Being a designer with vision issues can impact your work and create designs you love. Hence, while you work hard to keep the creative fire in you alive, make sure that you are taking equally good care of your vision and overall health.