There are many causes of dry eye and other factors can increase the likelihood of having dry eye symptoms. Although there is no cure, there are many ways to treat and relieve symptoms. 

Here are some useful tips to help you in the battle against dry eye

  • The use of artificial tears, a lubricating eye drop, is designed to reduce symptoms and provide long-lasting relief.

  • Gently wash your eyelids daily to remove bacteria that can cause blepharitis and lead to dry eye symptoms.

  • Take frequent breaks from computer or screen use. People tend to blink less when viewing screens which can lead to symptoms of dry eye.

  • Adding nutritional supplements to your diet may also help to battle dry eye symptoms. Doctors have recommended supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Using a humidifier at work or at home will add moisture to the surrounding air, relieving some symptoms. Or alternatively, opening windows will also help to keep the air moist.