Tired Eyes: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

woman with tired eyes using laptop

1 out of 3 adults suffer from dry, tired eyes. Tired eyes are a common condition that is caused by intensely focusing your eyes during a task. Tired eyes can also be known as eye strain and there are certain tasks that increase your chances of developing the condition. 

One of the most common causes of tired eyes is digital eye strain. With increased time spent looking at digital devices including mobile phones, laptops, TVs and tablets, our eyes are susceptible to becoming strained and can cause eye fatigue. Tired eyes can also be linked to dry eye. While tired eyes is a common condition, long lasting relief and protection can be provided by using Thealoz Duo, awarded Ireland’s best eye care product.   

What causes tired eyes?

Eye fatigue can cause tired, dry and itchy eyes. Spending a lot of time looking at computer screens, phones or tablets can cause eye fatigue which may also lead to headaches and eye discomfort. Having to focus while driving can also cause eye fatigue. 


Tired eyes can be caused by allergies such as hay fever.  Allergies are very common and studies show that more than 1 million people in Ireland live with one or more allergic disorders while at least 70% are allergies related to eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome can also cause tired eyes. This is where the surface of the eye becomes inflamed and sore due to a poor relationship between the tear film and the eyelids. This can be due to your eyes not producing enough tears, or if the chemistry of your tear film is out of balance. 


Blepharitis is a condition where the eyelids become inflamed, sometimes causing eyes to become tired and sore. It is the most common trigger for dry eye and over 40% of adults and 8 out of 10 dry eye sufferers will show signs of the condition.

Contact Lenses

Those who wear contact lenses are likely to experience dry eye and this can go on to cause tired eyes. If contact lenses are worn for long periods of time, eyes can also become itchy.

Digital Eye Strain

Extended use of computers and other digital devices is one of the most common causes of tired eyes. People who look at screens for two or more hours in a row every day are most likely to develop tired eyes as well as headaches and blurred vision. 


Symptoms of Tired Eyes

Common signs and symptoms of tired eyes include eye redness or irritation, dry eyes, eye twitching, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, watery eyes and a feeling of heaviness in your eyes. 

Difficulty concentrating, struggling to keep your eyes open, headaches and a sore neck, back and shoulders can also be symptoms of tired eyes. 


How Can You Prevent Tired Eye Fatigue?

Some common practices to help prevent tired eye fatigue include:

Try the 20-20-20 rule

When looking at computer screens, TVs, mobile phones and tablets for long periods of time, give yourself regular breaks. Try the 20-20-20 rule. You should look away from your screen every 20 minutes at something that is more than 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. If you work at a computer screen, you should balance out this activity by going for a walk in the natural light so that your eyes are not intensely focusing on the screen all throughout the day. 

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can lead to eye spasms, dry eye and eye fatigue. Sleep is restorative for our bodies, so getting an adequate amount of shut-eye gives the correct amount of moisture and rest in order for our eyes to perform at their best.  

Adjust screen contrast

When looking at screens on digital devices, make sure that the contrast is not too bright as this will put more strain on your eyes. If you are reading, make sure that the room is evenly lit so that your eyes don’t need to work as hard to focus.

Ensure that your glasses or contact lens prescription is up-to-date

Ensure that your glasses or contact lens prescription is up-to-date. If your eye fatigue seems to be lasting for longer than just a few days, it may be a sign that your eye prescription needs to be updated. 

Take short breaks and allow your eyes to rest

On long driving journeys, take breaks and allow your eyes to rest and readjust. Focusing on any one task for more than two hours can be tough on our eyes, so take a break, step outside and give your eyes a chance to perform a less focused task.  


How to get long lasting relief from tired eyes?

Thealoz® Duo helps to provide long lasting relief from tired eyes. It is Europe’s number 1 dry eye solution and was recently awarded the “Best Eye Care Product” award in 2021’s OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards. 

Thealoz® Duo:

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