Surprising Effects of Breastfeeding on Vision

Women’s bodies undergo many transformations during pregnancy and after birth. It may surprise you to hear that we can add changes to vision or eyesight during breastfeeding to this list.

Fortunately, any changes to vision due to breastfeeding disappear once mothers finish nursing their children.

Awareness of the effects of breastfeeding on nursing mothers’ vision is low. So, this National Breastfeeding Week, we will discuss what new and expecting mums can do to maintain their eye health.

How Does Breastfeeding Affect Vision?

Blurry Eyes

Hormonal changes are common both during and after pregnancy. One of these changes impacts the eyes. The buildup of fluid in the eyes can change the thickness and shape of the cornea. This can cause trouble focusing, also known as blurred vision.

If you are breastfeeding, you may also experience some moving specks and lines, or floaters, in your vision. In addition, you can have eye puffiness, which impacts your peripheral vision.

Dry Eyes

As a new mother, you can suffer from dry eyes both during and after your pregnancy. One way to relieve yourself from the discomfort is to use over-the-counter eye drops. It is best to choose preservative-free eye drops that are safe to use during and after pregnancy. 

Thealoz Duo is Europe’s No. 1 eye drop for dry, tired eyes. It is 100% preservative-free, proven to treat symptoms of dry eye syndrome, and suitable for all dry eyes. 


Over 5-8% of breastfeeding mothers suffer from preeclampsia. It is a severe medical issue that leads to high blood pressure. Preeclampsia is also known to affect vision.

Women affected can develop sensitivity to light, blurry vision, flashing lights, and dry eyes. If you think you have symptoms of preeclampsia contact your GP or healthcare provider immediately.

3 Tips to Maintain Eye Health for New and Breastfeeding Mothers


As a new mother, you need to rest your eyes whenever you can. Follow the tips below to help take care of your vision at this busy time:

1. Eat healthy food

3 Tips to Maintain Eye Health for New Mothers

As a breastfeeding mother, eating a well-balanced diet ensures your body gets the nutrients it needs. It will keep you and your new baby healthy. Healthy eating also reduces the risk of vision issues during this demanding time on your body. 

Try to include dark green and leafy vegetables in your diet as well as food that is rich in lutein and omega-3 fats. These will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy vision. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins A, C, and E should also be a part of your diet throughout your pregnancy journey.

Consider adding a targeted multivitamin like Nutrof® Total – Europe’s number 1 eye health multivitamin, to your routine. It is developed with a premium, comprehensive formula to ensure your eyes get the nutrition they need. This eye nutrition supplement also helps to maintain healthy vision as you get older.

2. Use eye masks

3 Tips to Maintain Eye Health for New Mothers

Lack of sleep means puffiness around the eyes or dark undereye circles is quite common for new mothers. Puffy eyes can even impact your peripheral vision. A good tip is to use eye masks or a cool gel pack to reduce your puffy, swollen eyes. If you don’t have time try splashing cold water on your face as often as required during the day. 

You can also use Bleaphasteam II. It is our new and upgraded premium eyelid-warming device for moist heat therapy. It also provides long-lasting relief from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a condition that can last throughout the pregnancy, during postpartum recovery, and even through the breastfeeding phase.

3. See a Professional

If you find your eye problems when breastfeeding are causing you distress or discomfort, visit your GP or eye specialist. An eye examination can help to detect potential eye health problems. Some eye conditions can indicate underlying diseases or health complications that need further attention.

Minor vision changes are common during pregnancy and in breastfeeding mothers. If you are experiencing dry eyes during pregnancy, check Thea Pharma’s eye care products for dry eye treatment. With over 150 years of expertise, we are uncompromising in our approach to developing the best eye care solutions. We are world leaders in 100% preservative-free products that won’t damage or irritate the vision. 

Yet, if eye pain is persistent and is causing vision problems and severe distress, visit your GP or eye care professional immediately.