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Make Eye Care Part of Your Skincare with Blephaclean

For many of us, skincare has become as big a part of our daily routines as brushing our teeth, with many products to treat a variety of skin concerns.

But what about our eyes?

Of course, there are eye products to treat some concerns such as fine lines or puffiness, but when it comes to eyelid cleansing, there are not many products that are:

Gentle enough to use every day

Preservative and paraben free

That remove makeup and clean the eye area

Treat dry eye conditions and symptoms for Blepharitis

Blephaclean Eyelid Cleansing Wipes:

Blephaclean® wipes keeps your eyelids clean whilst also respecting this skin around the eyes and its natural bacteria. Designed for the daily hygiene of the eyes and eyelashes, Blephaclean also prevents and aids in the treatment of dry, irritated, and inflamed eyes.

The area around the eyes must be treated with care, as it is far more sensitive than the normal skin on the rest of your face.

Think about it… Your skin around the eye is thinner than the rest of your face and is moving every few seconds when you blink or move your eyes. This can cause stress on the skin around the eye, leading to cracked skin which bacteria can breed in. This means that making sure your eye area is cleaned from bacteria, dust, pollen, and discharge is very important. 


Did you know? 

• 7 out of 10 people experience dry eyes

• 80% of people who experience dry eye issues will benefit from eyelid cleansing

• Ireland is the second highest in Europe when it comes to smartphone usage. And, this overexposure to computer and smartphone screens can worsen dry eye symptoms.

Blephaclean is specially designed for gently daily use for the eye area. These handy wipes are:

• Clinically proven & highly tolerated – suitable for delicate skin

• More convenient than solution making them perfect for days when you are on the go!

• Used for the daily hygiene of eyelids and to treat dry eye symptoms

• Suitable for babies and children over 3 months old

• FREE from preservatives, parabens, perfumes, and soap.

Blephaclean –

Gentle Eye Care for the Whole Family

Did you know? 

Blephaclean Daily Cleansing Wipes are the perfect product for families on the go!

100% preservative free, Blephaclean come in a box of 30 with each wipe individually packaged, meaning every single wipe is sterile and ready to use as soon as the packaging is opened. Imagine your baby bag, a day out at the beach where kids’ eyes are easily irritated from sea water and sand, and during allergy season, Blephaclean is the product to have on hand!

From 3 months up, Blephaclean is safe and gentle enough to use to clean their little eyes and prevent dry eye symptoms.


Blepharitis literally means ‘inflamed eyelids’. It can be the skin area around the eyelashes that is inflamed, or the area around the oil- producing (Meibomian) glands, or both. Blepharitis is not an eye infection, but you can have it alongside other eye infections. It is also the most common trigger for Dry Eye symptoms.

Over 40% of adults will show signs of some blepharitis – and the older you are, the more common it becomes. If you have certain skin conditions, such as rosacea or eczema, you may be more likely to have blepharitis, and some medications can also have an influence. However, for most sufferers, it has no real cause, in a similar way to scalp dandruff.

Blephaclean is a cleansing treatment plan for managing inflammation or infection of the eyelids such as Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland dysfunction, Styes or Chalazia.

Blephaclean, Gentle Eye Care For the Whole Family


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